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Water Line Replacements

Water line replacements are commonplace in our great state. Our ground in Texas is a very volatile environment for any type of water line. The ground shifts continuously, and it is either too hot or too cold for the piping supplied by most builders. The ground can be filled with rock, building materials, hard clay, sand, bushes, or tree roots; any of which will destroy the condition of your water piping.

Many years ago they used iron piping for water and this was a terrible idea due to the electrolysis and rusting of iron. It destroys a potable water system. Iron piping is almost impossible to do a permanent repair on, and any quick fix is due to fail within a short period of time. The minerals in the water coming from your water supplier also break down iron piping with time. The rust that begins inside iron piping enters your water system and stains everything it touches. Any kind of filtration is nothing more than a minimal deterrent for this type of piping. If you have an iron piping water system, a re-pipe is almost necessary for any kind of sanitary, potable water.

Copper piping was also used for a time. This form of piping is very sanitary, and fairly durable. Copper water piping is not without its flaws though. Soft, seamless copper rolls were used to supply the building or home. This type of copper piping can become out of round with the weight of the ground on top of it and rocks puts “pits” into the piping. Once copper piping begins to leak it is almost certain to begin wearing down, causing several leaks throughout the system. Copper piping also is very easy to freeze, and is difficult to repair once it has leaked. The repair process also becomes a weak spot on the piping, and is likely to leak again. If you have a copper piping water system, a re-pipe is suggested once leaks begin to happen.

PVC piping or CPVC piping has been allowed in some cities in Texas as well. Where this material is inexpensive and very sanitary, the durability of these types of piping is minimal at best. These types of piping rely on a fusion type weld to join using primer and glue, which can fail in environments such as ones found in our ground. Once these pipes spring a leak, the weight of the ground will cause the piping to “split” down the seam. If you have a PVC or CPVC type piping it is highly suggested to replace this type of piping with a more durable material.

If You Have a Quest Water System It Must Be Replaced
There have been many attempts at other forms of piping, quest comes to mind, there are many others just like it. These materials are substandard, unsanitary, and no longer allowed in any city. The connections are sub-standard and the piping either cracks or splits under pressure. If you have an unrecognized or a quest type water system, you must replace your water line.

What We Recommend for Water Line Piping
There are two types of water line piping that Jimmy Cash’s Plumbing suggests. This is either pex piping or a poly-blend type of piping. The piping is extremely durable, is designed to be in conditions far beyond what Texas can beat it with, and doesn’t lose its form under weight or temperature. It is almost freeze proof when buried and does not expand in a hot environment. The two weak spots that are on this type of plumbing configuration is at the connection to the water meter, and the connection to the home or building piping at the foundation. Both of these connections are installed in an oversized valve box, and are very easily repaired. Installing this type of piping is very cost efficient, and unless something unnatural cuts the piping it is almost impossible to fail. This is the best water piping system we can offer at Jimmy Cash’s Plumbing, and once installed failure of the piping or a “re-pipe” is unnecessary for your water system.