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Water Leak Detection

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Water leaks in North Texas can not only be costly on your water bill, they can be very destructive as well. Depending on where a water leak is the severity of the damage can vary. If a water leak is under the foundation of a home or building (a slab leak) you may never see the damage that is done, but the damage to the foundation can be devastating. If a water leak is behind a wall you may not notice the damage until it is too late.

Proper leak detection is imperative to remedy any water leak. Even if a leak is in the yard it is very important to get it repaired before damage is done. All water leak repairs should begin with leak detection- if you don’t know where to repair then why even begin?

Water leaks can be found by many techniques, the right way depends on the situation. That is what we specialize in; THE RIGHT WAY. We use the combination of years of experience with the newest technologies to locate water leaks. It doesn’t matter how small or how big your leak is- WE CAN FIND IT! Not only can we find it in a non-destructive way we can fix it as well!

If you have a high water bill, contact us and if we repair the leak we can write you a water loss letter for your water department. Many times if you show a leak has been repaired by a licensed master plumber they can pro rate your bill down to where it should have been!

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