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The Process Of Slab Leak Detection | Jimmy Cash Plumbing | (214) 881-7039

If you have a pipe leaking underneath the slab of your house, you may never know it until it is too late. The process of slab leak detection can help, but you have to know you have a problem first.

For example, if you have no hot water, and yet the water is running OK, and your hot water heater seems to be working, you may have a leak under your slab. Check your floors that are not carpeted, and if you find one area that is warm, while the rest of your floors, such as tile or non-carpeted floors is cool, you may have found the problem.

Also if your hot water heater is running fine and the water coming out of your faucets is cool, then that could be the sign of a leak somewhere. Other tell tale signs are water leaks appearing in strange places, wet carpeting, or you hear water running, you probably have a leak.

Copper pipes will generate pinhole leaks due to internal pitting and corrosion. This happens over a period of time, especially with hard water that has more sediment in it, which is hard on the pipes.

Modern technology provides laser detection devices that can pinpoint the exact location of the leak, or leaks, and give slab leak detection. This will prevent the tearing up of flooring and the slab in places where the leaks “might be” in favor of being exact.

Once located, many leaks in copper pipes are repaired with an epoxy material that will out last the copper by years. If a leak in the slab is not found and repaired, it will just get worse and damage will continue and can be come very serious.

Call Jimmy Cash Plumbing and have him inspect your situation and find out for sure how slab leak detection by laser can work for you. (214) 881-7039

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