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Tanked Water Heaters

A misconception:

There is no such thing as a “hot water heater”. Why would you want to heat hot water?

Water heaters are an important and dangerous appliance to have in your home or business. Water heaters keep the availability of hot water to the residents for sanitary and comfort purposes. There are many types of water heaters, heated by many different means. With the complexity of water heating systems and the danger of death or injury, Jimmy Cash’s Plumbing highly suggests a professional repair or installation of these appliances. Some cities may even require an inspection from a building official before allowing the appliance to be put into service.

Electric water heaters are cheaper than gas or propane heaters, but can cost more to operate and repair. Electric water heaters also do not perform as well as gas type water heaters, and are not allowed in some situations. The codes may have changed since your last electric water heater installation, it is a good idea to have a professional install or repair your water heater to current specifications.

Gas and Propane Water heaters are a commonplace in our society. Where the idea of not having electricity and water together may sound safer, a gas fired water heater is just as dangerous. You do get better efficiency out of a gas fired water heater, but the increase of failure increases by its environment.

Codes also change frequently with gas fired water heaters, again the suggestion to have a professional plumber to install or repair your heater is given.

It is suggested to have your water heater maintained by a professional at least once a year. During this maintenance the water heater tank can be flushed or drained for sediment, and all the safety features can be checked for accuracy and correct mechanics. The average live span of a tanked water heater is between 8-10 years, if your past that you are on borrowed time!

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