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Slab Leaks

We are Experts at Repairing Slab Leaks

A slab leak is a plumbing pipe, either water or sewer, that has begun leaking under the slab concrete foundation of your home or business. There are several causes of slab leaks; shifting, lifting, crimped, roots, and improper installation just to name a few. Slab leaks are a difficult repair and there are three main ways to repair them.
1.Excavating from the top. Removing the floor covering (wood, vinyl, etc) jack hammering through the concrete foundation, and excavating the dirt by hand is one way to repair a slab leak. This method can be damaging to your home and cause a big mess, not to mention the dust that stirs up during the process. This is a last result repair at Jimmy Cash’s Plumbing, but is the most common with other plumbing companies. When this method must be done, we set up a plastic room around our work area, jackhammer through a wet towel (to eliminate dust), and remove the dirt / mud from the home via wheelbarrow.

2.Tunneling. This is a preferred method of Jimmy Cash’s Plumbing. Tunneling is a way to repair slab leaks by tunneling under the slab foundation by shovels and manpower from the outside of a home or business. This method of repair has virtually no inside mess, and the floors and home stay intact throughout the process. Tunneling can be done from any area, and go as far as needed to make the repair. The Tunneling method is more expensive than jack hammering, but the end result is better and more efficient.

3.Re-routing. Re-routing a line is an inexpensive way to repair a slab leak, but can alter your plumbing system and the way it was designed. Re-routing a slab leak is done by abandoning the run of piping under the slab, and replacing it by going up the wall and through the attic. This method adds distance and friction loss to your plumbing system, and alters the original designed system. This also leaves the piping running through an attic, which can freeze during the winter or even worse burst in the attic causing more damage. Minor annoyances such as waiting longer for hot water can occur as well.

The most important part of a slab leak repair is the slab leak locate. This is a specialized area of plumbing that should be done by a trained individual that has proven results. “Missing” a locate can be catastrophic, and very expensive. A well trained slab leak locator can prevent further damage to your home or business by being “right on” the slab leak locate.

If you think you have a slab leak please call us at (214) 881-7039, we have same day slab leak locating available and our plumbers are the best trained slab leak plumbers in the industry!