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Draining Cleaning Advice

So you found a drain or two that is a little slow or a drain that is obviously backed up? I bet you think a simple, do-it-yourself drain cleaning will fix your problems and save you time and money? Wait… don’t jump too quickly!

In our efforts to make our lives easier by doing plumbing work and drain cleaning ourselves, we sometimes set-up ourselves for a lot more grief than we ever expected. All our little quick fixes should definitely be avoided at all costs or we just might find that we have caused unintentional damage or we even made things worse, which only costs more in the long run.

Chemical drain clog removers that you might find at the local grocery store don’t work on most types of clogs. Often you find that you have just spent some hard earned cash flushing caustic liquids down your drain only to potentially eat away at the porcelain or corrode the drain materials themselves and have done nothing to actually erode the material causing the back-up itself.

Drain augers are best left in the hands of professionals, only work on smaller piping areas, and can cause substantial damage to your plumbing if used incorrectly. And never, ever try to use a bent clothes hanger or other type of wiring. It doesn’t have the strength to accomplish anything and will only cause you frustration and potentially damage other surfaces to boot.

Increasing water pressure via the garden hose may only lodge things more deeply internally and disassembly of your pipes could result in a potential rebuild which just made things worse.

Our experts at Jimmy Cash Plumbing are available for routine, annual inspections to help mitigate plumbing and drain problems before they grow into real, costly problems.

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