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Sewer Line Replace & Relocating

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Ok, you have come to the conclusion that your sewer line needs replacement. Your sewer line has continued to back up and the plumber has told you that it is time to replace your sewer line. The very first thing you need to do is get a second opinion! Legitimate plumbing companies are now armed with a sewer camera, and most come with locators. Sometimes just a section of your sewer line needs replacement, which can cost less than a full sewer replacement. It is good to determine what exactly went wrong with your current sewer line, so precautions can be taken to prevent this from happening again.

Even if you have been told you must replace your sewer line, call Jimmy Cash’s Plumbing for a FREE second opinion!

No doubt about it, replacing a sewer line is expensive. It takes several man hours, lots of equipment, a city inspection, and a lot of digging! Every single detail must be taken into consideration before excavating. Chances are you have an irrigation system in the ground; you may also have buried utilities such as gas, electricity, phone, data, water, and even other sewer lines! Every plumbing company can replace your sewer line, but can they do it right? Do they take the time to understand your problem and what caused it? Do they take the precaution to not dig into anything else in the ground?

At Jimmy Cash’s Plumbing we always do it right or we don’t do it at all! Our experience in replacing sewer lines is unmatched in the industry. We have technologies to replace the sewer line under the home (pier & beam or slab), through the yard, under the driveway, and we can even re-route lines overhead! It doesn’t cost anything for a second opinion (if you want it free then we have to see the other guys report), so why aren’t you calling?

Sewer line relocating can be very technical and choosing the right plumbing contractor is key to success when planning a project as technical as this. Sewer lines are designed to an original specification, and are in the correct place your home or business was planned for. When altering the original plan, knowledge of the architectural design of plumbing systems is necessary for the proper relocating process for sewer lines. At Jimmy Cash’s Plumbing we have combined skills of designing and laboring in the plumbing industry. We have architects and engineers we work with in processes such as these, where most plumbing contractors do not.

Relocating a sewer line is done for many reasons. Installing a pool, a room or building addition, or a tree growing too close to the line are some common reasons. Whatever the reasoning, a correct plan designed to your plumbing system is key to success for this type of project. The correct “fall” of the sewer line is imperative, also the city tap for your sewer line into theirs is in a position not easily changed. Adding the incorrect amount of degrees to a turn in the sewer line can be detrimental to the long term drainage for your plumbing system. Venting can also be altered in sewer line relocating, which is necessary for the sewer line to drain correctly.

When choosing a plumbing contractor to alter or relocate your sewer line please do the correct research and make sure that your project is done by a responsible, experienced plumbing organization. Jimmy Cash Plumbing has over 20 years combined experience in relocating sewer systems. We are eager to hear from you about your project, please call us @ 214-881-5419 and ask to speak with a sewer specialist with our company.