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Sewer Leak Detection

Sewer leaks normally happen over a long period of time before you notice them. Your water bill doesn’t go up and normally you dont see them until the long term damage has been done. Foundations can lift or settle, washouts happen under driveways or sidewalks, even worse a stoppage can cause a nasty sewage backup in the home or building. None the less, we can find sewer leaks and we can repair them, most of the time in a way that is non-destructive to your property!

Sometimes just a small section of sewer piping needs to be repaired. Most plumbers will just tell you that all of your piping needs to be replaced when just a few feet need to be. That is why it is so important to have proper Leak Detection done for any sewer leak. Most of the time we can give you a video recording of your leak so you can see for yourself!

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Sewer Gas Leak Detection

What is that smell? Few things are worse than a sewer gas leak in a home or building. Furthermore, most plumbers will just “guess” at what the issue is. We can pinpoint exactly where the awful smell is coming from, and fix it to where it will never happen again! Sewer gas leak detection is a complicated process, but with our advanced locating technique we can get right on the problem.

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