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Remodeling & Additions

Remodels and additions can be a good way to increase the value and environment of your home. An experienced interior designer and general contractor are essential for most large remodels and additions, but a master plumber is needed for all of your plumbing changes. Do not trust a general contractors plumber with your home or business’s plumbing changes unless you have done your research on that plumbing company. Unfortunately, some general contractors use unlicensed plumbers to perform their work to save money on the job. This is not a good idea at all!

Plumbing is a trade that is learned over a long apprenticeship, and then tested with a state board exam for learned accuracy. If an individual has experience in the plumbing trade with no license he is either incapable to do the job or has a criminal background that prevents him to do so. When altering or adding to a plumbing system it is imperative to gauge the current plumbing system, and have the knowledge to know what can be added or what must be done to accurately change the system.

Plumbing systems are designed to work as they are installed, changing or adding to that system can put stress on the system not noticed at inception of the change. This can cause at best unnecessary failure of fixtures or leaks, slow drainage or improper venting, or property damaging leaks. At worst changing or adding to a plumbing system incorrectly can lead to death or serious injury, or unrepairable damage to the property.

When choosing to spend more money on your investment for remodels or additions, seeking the advice of a Master plumber along with an interior designer and general contractor is advised. At Jimmy Cash’s Plumbing we are experienced in working with many quality designers and contractors. If you have found your own designer or general contractor we will be more than happy to consult with them and work within their budget on your remodel or addition project.

We can also refer you to quality designers and contractors we have worked with in the past. We are excited to hear from you on your remodel or addition project, and we look forward to your phone call! Please call us and ask to speak with one of our remodel or construction plumbers, we are always here to help!

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