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Proper Plumbing Maintenance Can Result in Less Plumbing Repair

While it may be tempting to take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to the plumbing system in a home, it is generally not a financially wise choice. By following a few simple steps, most homeowners can avoid costly repairs while maintaining an efficient system within the dwelling.

First, it is vital that the homeowner be aware of the location of the pipes, vents, and drains associated with the house’s plumbing system. Knowing where pipes traverse ceilings and walls can help the homeowner avoid such missteps as drilling through a wall and rupturing a water pipe in the process. In areas where winter temperatures dip below freezing, pipes that are exposed to drafts in crawl spaces may freeze and result in huge repair costs and disruption in the family’s water supply. Even in warmer climates, maintaining proper ventilation for pipes can reduce pipes sweating and creating unsightly stains on ceilings or walls.

Additionally, homeowners should practice proper drain maintenance. Most sink and bathtub drains are installed with traps and filters to prevent hair and other objects from clogging the pipes. Still, a certain amount of foreign matter, including grease from kitchen drains, can accumulate in the drainpipes over the course of a year. Therefore, it is a good idea to have both storm and sewage drains on the property checked and cleaned by a professional plumber on an annual basis.

Another important step in plumbing maintenance is periodically checking the system for leaks. Too often leaks are not discovered until they have already caused a lot of damage. One homeowner only used the washing machine in the evening after arriving home from work. While the homeowner did not see any water on the floor while using the washer, each night the water seeped into the floor boards beneath the washer, slowly rotting not only the floor, but the cross beams below. By the time the damage was discovered, a small leak had caused nearly $50,000 worth of structural damage to the dwelling. One way to double check water usage is to locate the water meter and write down the number at night before going to bed, then check the meter and record the number the next morning before the family begins to draw water. If the numbers differ, there may be a slow leak somewhere in the system.

Plumbing repair can become costly, but homeowners can reduce costs through proper system maintenance.

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