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Plumbing Tips

Garbage disposal
This is a plumber’s best friend. You put too much down the disposal and you have got a bad plumbing problem quick! Once a month take your ice tray from the freezer and dump it all down the disposal while running hot water. This sharpens the disposer blades, helps keep the kitchen drain clean, and recycles the old ice in your ice maker! For bad smells from the disposer use lemon juice (not lemons!)

Water Heater
Drain the tank at least once a year. Most manufacturers’ recommend the draining of the tanks as a regular maintenance program. You can extend the life of your heater by up to 10 years by doing this, and with the price of water heaters increasing year to year this can save a bundle!

(Not to mention cleaner water, more efficiency, and less sediment). Tank less water heaters can be flushed out as well. This takes a kit that can be bought from any plumbing supply. If you have not drained your water heater in the first 3 years, I suggest not doing it!

Using regular household bleach can be a great way to keep your drains flowing well. Do not use bleach in the disposal, this can lead to the disposal going bad. Shower drains, tub drains, and sink drains can be easily maintained by using bleach. You can also pour bleach down the a/c drain in the attic to help with drainage too. Be careful! Bleach is dangerous!

Filters work great as long as they are changed out frequently. Your plumbing system can actually be harmed by not changing these out on a regular basis. The manufacturer’s recommendation is suggested with the purchase of all filters. Don’t forget the one in the refrigerator too!

Air Flow
All of your combustible gas fixtures require oxygen to efficiently produce the heating your unit needs. If your water heater or furnace is not getting enough combustible air it will burn more gas, leading to product failure and higher utility bills. You can easily cut a vent in the upper and lower portion of the door that goes to these fixtures, or if in the attic you can run a dryer vent hose from a vent on the roof down to the fixture itself. This is especially important in hotter areas such as Texas during the summer!

If you would prefer a professional, You can have all of your plumbing maintained and inspected regularly by Jimmy Cash Plumbing. We offer a maintenance program to all of our customers for a fraction of the cost of most company’s services.