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Knocking Noises & Pressure Issues

Pressure issues and noises can be caused by many problems and have several symptoms. High pressure can cause joints and piping to fail in a plumbing system causing catastrophic damage, where low pressure can cause stoppages that have just as much damage. A plumbing system is piped at a pressure rating set by the manufacturer, and when those pressures are not met or are exceeded, failure can occur. Commonly a noise or knocking sound will let you know that a major failure is going to happen. It is imperative to take care of pressure issues as soon as they show a symptom to prevent any property damage from happening. When describing a water pressure issue there are a few questions to ask:

  • Is your water system making a knocking noise when a toilet is flushed?
  • Is your piping knocking or squealing when shutting off a faucet?
  • Is there a certain time of day this happens?
  • Is your irrigation system on shortly on or before this noise?
  • Is an outside faucet being used at the time of the noise?
  • Is construction going on around your home? Has it recently stopped?

It is common to have a pressure reducing valve (otherwise known as a prv) installed in your plumbing system. When these prv’s fail you can either have low or high pressure, which both have symptoms at different times of the day and different scenarios. Sometimes these valves are working just fine, but the water distribution system as a whole has changed. Then a prv may just need to be adjusted. A simple pressure test can tell your plumber what the issue may be.

Other situations may involve a closed system with no vacuum or pressure relief. Installations of expansion tanks and relief valves may be necessary to stabilize the pressure throughout the system. There are also shock arrestors that can be installed to help with the stress of high pressure. Some pressure issues may just be in the fixtures themselves! A pressure issue doesn’t always have to be expensive either, sometimes the installation of a simple part or an adjustment is all that is needed. The most important step in the process is having a professional assess the problem early.

Jimmy Cash’s Plumbing is available for testing these pressure issues every day of the year. If you are having a pressure issue do not hesitate to call us at any hour on any day. Timing is essential on pressure issues to prevent a property damaging leak from occurring. We are eager to hear from you and ready to service your home or business’s pressure issues.

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