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Going Tankless for Endless Hot Water

Conventional water heating in a domestic setting requires a large tank holding anything from about 30 gallons to 90 gallons of water, which is heated to your preferred temperature and maintained at that temperature until you use it. As hot water is drawn from the tank, cold water is added, and the heating process begins again. If your household uses a lot of hot water, such as those long showers in the morning, all of the previously-heated water will be used, and you will need to wait until the new water has reached your preferred temperature if you want a hot shower.

In Europe, and much of Asia, people live in housing that is much more compact than we are used to here in the wide open spaces of the United States. A water tank takes up valuable room in a space that can be tight to begin with. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, and inventive minds set about devising a way to supply plenty of hot water without using a large tank. Tankless water heaters have been fixtures in European and Asian homes for decades, and they are beginning to be popular here.

How does it work? Water heading to your hot water faucet doesn’t linger in a water tank; instead, the cold water is diverted into a small heater that heats the water quickly as it passes through. You get all the hot water you need, and everyone gets a hot shower.

The most effective tankless water heaters use powerful gas burners to raise the water temperature. More heat can be applied, so that the water is hot when it runs out of your hot water faucet. Electric tankless water heaters are less effective than gas, especially if your mains or well water is very cold, and may require an extensive upgrade to your electric circuits before you can start using them. Maintenance is comparatively simple and are often related to scaling, due to a hard water supply, but your water heater repair can be minimized with annual service.

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