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Gas Leak Detection

Gas Leaks are no laughing matter, there is no other way to put it gas leaks are dangerous. If you smell gas leave your home or building and call the gas company right away! Once your gas company has been notified call us, the gas leak experts. We can locate your gas leak and repair it in a matter that is non-destructive to your property and we can have your gas back on before you miss it.

If gas leaks are not properly located and tested upon repair, you can be in a lot of trouble with your gas company. They do not like it when a system has “multiple” leaks in a short period of time. Too many times we hear of peoples gas meters being removed right after another plumber has done the repair, all because he “missed” one. Do it right the first time by calling us, we guarantee all of our work!

We serve Collin County, Fannin County, Grayson County and nearby towns. Click here for the areas we serve.

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