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Bad Smells

Does Your Property Have a Bad Odor?

Are you having a bad smell at your home or business? Does it come and go? Are you having to pour water down floor drains or light candles just to handle the smell? Are you thinking something died behind a wall? Then give Jimmy Cash Plumbing a call.

Our plumbers have been trained extensively to solve this kind of problem. Bad smells are caused by an unnecessary opening in your sanitary or septic system. Our plumbers know the process to find this opening or “leak” in your drain, waste, and vent system. We use a specialized, non damaging smoke system and pump white, nontoxic / nonstaining smoke into your plumbing system. This allows us to find the cause of the smell and determine what it will take to repair it.

Sometimes the smell can be coming from something as simple as a toilet seal or a drain that hasn’t been used for some time. Other times we find that a major vent has cracked and must be replaced. Either way, if a smell is ruining your property then we can find it! We have found at times that the installing plumber has improperly designed the system, or has just outright made a mistake. Other times clean out covers behind a wall have not been sealed correctly or have been drilled for plate covers. If you have called another plumbing company and they haven’t been able to help you then call us, we guarantee our work and testing procedures.

Don’t live with a bad smell; call Jimmy Cash Plumbing and schedule an appointment today!

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